Adulthood: Where Everyone is Faking It

You’re in the adult club. You’re parenting yourself. But you can’t seem to find the secret to your best friend’s success. You think you’re doing everything “right” but you feel like you’re the only person faking it.

But honestly, everybody’s faking it.

Your mom. Your dad. Your sister. Your brother. Your best friend. Your annoying co-worker who seems to be happy all the time. Everyone around you is waking up day after day and just trying to make the best decisions for their lives.

We are all just living one moment at a time and seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what we enjoy in order to create our lives.

When I was growing up, I marveled at how some people found success even when the world was stacked against them. “There must be some secret that I don’t know,” I thought.

But there is no secret. It’s simple: the people with amazing discipline and tenacity are masters of parenting themselves. Once you’re able to consistently do that, you’re left with guidelines – be kind, don’t be an asshole – and freedom to make up your own rules.

Example: You hear after you graduate from high school, you should go to college. But what if you’re not interested in that path and want to travel instead? Going to college isn’t a rule, it’s a suggestion. Because, really, who is to say you can’t take a couple years to explore the things you’re interested in and then go to college? Or maybe you teach yourself skills instead of getting an advanced degree.

It’s your life and you get to decide how you’re going to live it. You can conform to society’s expectations or you can join the club of the rebels who refuse to be told what they should be doing (whether it’s from well-meaning folks or not).

If you open yourself up to it there are so many paths you can travel. Adulthood isn’t one-size-fits-all nor is it one-size-fits-most.

Make your own rules. (But seriously: be kind & don’t be an asshole).


This week’s featured song is by Thirty Seconds to Mars: “Do or Die”

“In the middle of the night, when the angels scream, I don’t wanna live a lie that I believe. Time to do or die.”

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