Reexamining Your Goals

Every day we have a chance to move closer to who we want to be. Today is the first Monday of February and Mondays are good days to start fresh. Now that we’re in the second month of 2019, how are your goals progressing so far?

For me, I already need to adjust because what I thought I wanted has changed. This is the perfect time for me to reassess because not only is it a new month and the start of a new week, this month (yesterday actually) I celebrate my 5 year work anniversary.

I used to set goals then not look at them again but have learned it’s important to reexamine where you are each month to ensure that you are on track or to figure out where you need to adjust. Or maybe, like me, you’ll see that what you wanted is no longer where you want to go.

So, again I ask, how are your goals progressing so far?

A great song to reexamine your goals to, “Everything” by Yinyues.

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Just a human trying my best to encourage women to find their power through written words. Currently residing in Florida. Kicking ass since 1985.

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