Learning to be Fabulous with the Fab 5

I am OBSESSED with the Fab 5 of Netflix’s Queer Eye. This last week I binged all four seasons and can’t seem to get enough of their positive energy blasting out of my computer screen. But what is it that makes these 5 beautiful men so amazing and sensational? I’ve come to the conclusion that I, like many others, want more not only because they are a light in this sometimes heavy world, but because they are living and being their authentic, true selves.

We see the beauty in them that we want to see in ourselves. We see that it is possible to be who we are. They are the epitome of what shining your light so that others can shine theirs looks like.

We can all learn a lesson or two, not only about self-care, but about how to have the courage to live our best lives. If you have Netflix but haven’t watched it I highly recommend you do because, despite making me cry for what they do with their heroes, it has made me think about my life in a new way and start to identify the areas I hold myself back. (And an added bonus it has helped me to see that maybe I should start using a face moisturizer!)

After all, we all need a dose of positivity and a reminder that we can be who we are every once in a while.

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