Are You Living Life or is Life Living You

My life is in transition. Current lease is coming to an end but a new lease has not yet started. Three years of living with my boyfriend to trying to find a roommate. The space between my old life and my new one is growing smaller with each new passing day. So many changes in a seemingly small amount of time has me wondering: am I living life or am I letting life live me?

Over the weekend I listened to the audio-book of Stop Doing That Sh*t by Gary John Bishop. Throughout the course of a little over four and a half hours my mind was blown too many times to count and I found myself having to pause to process the truth bombs he set off. I am still processing it. Let me tell you though, I unpacked a lot of sh*t.

(This book could not have come into my life at a better time. Talk about thank you universe! I had put it on hold a couple months ago and completely forgot about it.)

I highly recommend you read it but this is what I took away: We’re so busy trying to improve upon the past that we’re never able to move on from it, therefore, we return to it again and again because it is safe and familiar. We are trying to create a future by improving upon our old, past selves when what we should be doing is envisioning the future we want then work towards that.

Basically, we can either “be guided by the past you had no say in” or “be called out by the future you created.”

We have the freedom to create our lives by seeing what we want and taking the actions to get us there. We can break free from trying to improve upon the past—full of circumstances we didn’t get to choose—and actually live a life we design. We can set a goal and move forward to who we want to be rather than setting goals to move away from who we don’t want to be. We can stop letting past experiences dictate our future selves and let our future dictate our future selves.

How freeing is it to know that, in looking to the future to guide us, we can be free from the hum drum of a life that’s living us?

Being in this transition, in this change, is the perfect time for me to re-examine how I’ve let the past keep me stuck and decide a new way forward; a new way to live. Maybe you’re not in a period of transition but maybe you are tired of not living. If you’re feeling stuck in your life or don’t know why you keep doing the same sh*t, then I highly recommend you read Gary’s book.

If you read or listen to the book, know that it’s not for the faint of heart. He tells it like it is not how you would like it to be. He’s there to help you and he has to break you down before he can build you back up.

Is life living you or are you living life? If it’s the former, there’s no better time to start living life than now.

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