Changes for S.O.Y.H.

{I would have had a new blog post last week but I had a fever and a horrible headache and so I rested. As I have gotten older, I have realized that rest is a good thing. We don’t have to be “on” all the time.}

A pause. A breath. A moment to gather thoughts. Call it whatever you want but it’s just what I needed. If you read this blog on the actual Song of Your Heart website, then you’ll notice that things have changed around here. Change for the better I think.

When I started writing my thoughts on the internet, I wanted to do it because I felt I had something to say and writing has always been my form of self-expression. I’ve tried to fit Song of Your Heart into many niches with no success. In the past month I was able to sit down with myself and actually ask myself what it is I want from S.O.Y.H. The answer has never been more clear.

I am currently in the midst of completing a first draft of my first novel. Even writing that sentence seems surreal to me. Because my focus is on things other than this blog, I’ve realized I simply want this space to be a place where I come to write down my thoughts on my life. Song of Your Heart is a personal blog.

I write down my thoughts to figure things out in my own life and, if what I have to say also helps others, then that has always been a bonus. The content of the blog will remain the same and I want to continue exploring the themes of courage, beauty, and truth but I’m more focused on what that means for me rather what I can do to help you, dear reader.

I hope you’ll continue to join me on my journey and maybe, one day, S.O.Y.H. will become something more than my little corner on the internet where I share a bit of my life with you. Until next time.

This week’s #featuredsong is #underdog by #aliciakeys.

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