Using Stoicism to Make the Most of Life

Memento Mori, or “Remember you will die,” is written on a sticky note and placed on a dry-erase board on the wall behind my desk. The stoics would reflect on their mortality so that they could remember that each day was not given and that they needed to make the most of their days while they were blessed to have them.

In the last year I have started to reassess how I spend my time and realize I can do better. I have goals and dreams and know I have to be more consistent with making progress towards them every day if I’m going to reach them. The past couple weeks I have been getting up at 5 A.M. to work on the first draft of my novel and allow my time after work to be spent on working toward other goals. I want to do something productive, something that will take me closer to accomplishing my dreams, every day. Granted, some days I’m not very productive, but so far, each day I have been able to get up and try again.

Some of the things I have incorporated include only watching television shows on the weekends when I have more time, freeing up time during the week since I have a full-time, 40-hour job Monday through Friday. This has allowed me to have the time after work where I can focus on other writing projects and working out. But, for the purpose of full-disclosure, I actually found myself replacing TV time with time spent watching YouTube videos. Once I realized I was doing this, I realized I could add videos I want to watch to my Watch Later playlist and will watch them when I’m doing other things (i.e. eating dinner, putting clothes away).

We will all die. Reflecting on this is not morbid, it is the reality of our lives. I want to remember this so I can make the most out of this life I have been given.

“We are, we are the living souls with terminal hearts, terminal parts/Flickering like candles, flickering like candles/We’re fatally flawed, we’re fatally flawed.”

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