Hello!  I’m Erin and I write.

For most of my life I hid from doing the hard stuff and had a “why not me” mentality.  I looked out at the world through my introverted eyes and wondered what made great people great and why was it so hard for me to feel like I was accomplishing anything worthwhile at all.

After many years of shame and confusion (which manifested in depression, an eating disorder, and self-injury) and after many years of discovery (watching, reading, and listening to self-help and lifestyle coaches) I finally realized that only in confronting my fear, self-doubt, and insecurities and pushing past them could I become like the people I look up to.

I started this blog to connect with anyone who is tired of pretending to be someone they’re not because of fear of judgment, shame, or self-doubt.

I believe we should own our stories and speak our truths in order to live the lives that are meant for us.