National Suicide Awareness Prevention Month

We should be able to talk about how we are feeling without feeling ashamed. It's okay to not be okay. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to reach out to someone who might be struggling.To find resources visit the following sites:To Write Love on Her ArmsNational Alliance on Mental IllnessSeptember is National Suicide … Continue reading National Suicide Awareness Prevention Month

The Art of Being Alone

We have been conditioned into believing doing things alone is, at best, boring and at worst, simply dreadful. But I'm here to let you know that doing things alone can actually be quite liberating.I won the opportunity to attend a short acoustic session, a short Q&A, and a meet and greet with members of one … Continue reading The Art of Being Alone

What Does it Mean to be Who You Are

It sounds so simple: Just be yourself.But we are first shaped by those who raise us and then we are influenced by our peer group. With all of these external forces shaping us, how can we be sure that who we are is who we are?I don't have a scientific, researched answer for that but … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Who You Are

The Courage to be Different

When is the first time you remember someone telling you to change who you are? Were you too loud? Too quiet? Were your clothes too bright? Was your personality too much?We fail to see the power in being different when we are made to feel our differences make us defective. I often felt like a … Continue reading The Courage to be Different

True Belonging: Being Who You Are

We are multifaceted creatures, walking paradoxes. We are on the hunt for true belonging. I am always fascinated by people like Amanda Palmer or Maya Angelou, people who have found "sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness." For most of my life I thought if I could fit … Continue reading True Belonging: Being Who You Are

Finding the Beauty in Being Yourself

"I don't want to stand out anymore.  Why can't I be like everyone else?  Why does everyone else seem like they are confident while I'm over here faking it?  Why can't I have a fucking conversation without my words fumbling out of my mouth?  I sound like an idiot..." So were the thoughts of younger … Continue reading Finding the Beauty in Being Yourself