Learning to be Fabulous with the Fab 5

I am OBSESSED with the Fab 5 of Netflix's Queer Eye. This last week I binged all four seasons and can't seem to get enough of their positive energy blasting out of my computer screen. But what is it that makes these 5 beautiful men so amazing and sensational? I've come to the conclusion that … Continue reading Learning to be Fabulous with the Fab 5

What Does it Mean to be Who You Are

It sounds so simple: Just be yourself.But we are first shaped by those who raise us and then we are influenced by our peer group. With all of these external forces shaping us, how can we be sure that who we are is who we are?I don't have a scientific, researched answer for that but … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Who You Are

Thoughts While Looking at Airplanes

Airplanes. They are constantly coming and going. I know this because, until recently, I lived near the Orlando International Airport. I can't tell you how many planes fly into and out of Orlando on a daily basis (sitting here, at least 4 planes have gone by and it's been less than 10 minutes). Recently I … Continue reading Thoughts While Looking at Airplanes