Embracing Change as I Grow

Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 34. I must say, I don't feel like an adult. Or, rather, I don't feel like I thought an adult would feel. I still have insecurities. I still have doubts. I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I count myself lucky because I know I'm … Continue reading Embracing Change as I Grow

The Failure to Try: Living With the Fixed Mindset

Yeah, sure, I may feel confident doing what comes easy to me, but what happens when I want to do something that I have to work at? Or I need to grow in an area of a "natural" skill but doing so could lead me to failure?

With a fixed mindset, we don't want anyone to see us fail. We may quit too early because, since it's not coming easily to us, well, I guess it's not "our thing" even though something in us beckoned us to try it.

Self-reflection Sunday: Body Image

What makes you feel beautiful? - For me it's a number of things, not always tied to each other, but always small: when I put my hair in a messy bun but the kind that looks freaking amazing; if I love the outfit I'm wearing; when I treat my body well by eating nutritious foods; … Continue reading Self-reflection Sunday: Body Image